Thank you for your interest in adding your work to Pre-existing Poems! If you have any short writing or artwork that fits with the them of the site, we’d love to see it! We are looking for:

  • Poetry
  • Prose poetry under 400 words
  • Flash memoir or fiction under 500 words
  • Audio files of spoken word performances accompanying the text of the poem
  • Digital files of visual arts (paintings, drawings, digital sketches), preferably with a watermark of the artist.

Pre-existing Poems is not exactly a literary magazine, and is intended to be closer to a resistance art collection. We’re not interested in keeping your work for ourselves and only us, so that means non-exclusive one-time rights (it’s important to know your legal jargon; here’s a link!). Because we’re aiming to be more like a big group art project than a lit mag, we don’t care at all if your poem has appeared elsewhere already — just let us know so we can give credit!

If you are interested in having your work appear on Pre-existing Poems, please send your writing as a .doc or .docx or your visual art as a .png or .jpeg attachment to with Pre-Existing Poems in the subject line and a short bio in the body of your email. We’re trying hard to categorize works on similar topics, so if you could also include the type of illness that your writing is addressing (i.e. Anxiety/Panic Disorder, Cancer, Heart Condition) and maybe a link to a site you find useful, that would be super helpful! We look forward to hearing from you!