Pre-existing Poems is an ongoing poetry initiative with the intent to raise awareness about life with pre-existing medical conditions through poetry. Our goal is to showcase the daily struggles, one-time occurrences, and life-threatening situations that require affordable and accessible health insurance, but which also may be the very thing that causes a sufferer to be denied coverage or charged astronomic fees.

Under the new American Health Care Act, which has passed in the House but not yet in the Senate, insurance companies are being given the right to charge people with pre-existing conditions more for their coverage–coverage which often means life or death to people suffering from life-threatening illnesses.

The scope of what may be considered a “pre-existing condition” has grown and changed, and this will cause potentially millions of Americans to go uninsured, or insured but unable to afford copays necessary for treatment. These changes naturally target the ill and disabled, and also target women and low-income individuals and families.

Pre-existing Poems seeks to highlight these people whose livelihoods and lives may be in jeopardy due to Trump’s AHCA.