Every Step I Take

By Theresa Milstein

I’m a freelancer
To the stars
Running from
Job to job
On my knee—
Which endured three
Three childhood surgeries—
A time bomb
With each step I take—
tick, tick, tick …



Author’s Note: This poem is dedicated to my sister, Kathleen Brown. For years, she lived in fear of not only having time take unpaid time off work during recovery, but whether or not her insurance would pay for it. The Affordable Care Act changed her life. Not only did her premiums go down drastically, but she also was confident her condition would be covered. With her situation on the pre-existing list, my sister is living in fear again.


Theresa Milstein writes middle grade and YA, but poetry is her secret passion. Her vignette collection, TIME & CIRCUMSTANCE, was published by Vine Leaves Press in March, 2017. She lives near Boston Massachusetts with her husband, two children, a dog-like cat, and a cat-like dog. For her day job, she works as a teacher in a middle school, which gives her ample opportunity to observe teens and tweens in their natural habitat.




Are you a freelance worker who is looking for information about health insurance? Under the Affordable Care Act, the process is relatively simple and straightforward. You can check out these different advice guides on navigating the healthcare exchange here, here and here, or you can go straight to Healthcare.gov for as long as the marketplace lasts. If the AHCA passes into law, it will have disastrous effects on freelance workers. You can read more about this here and here.

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