Mental Health - Other


By Abigail Regier

God one time took my hand
it was the middle of the night
and I was very upset about the
loss of a friend but didn’t know to
call it that because I didn’t want
to bother my father.
He walked me through the
emptied city streets
homes gone silent with the
sleeping, the anethesized,
buildings attached to electrical wires.
We walked for miles until we got
to the country where I saw
a family of deer running from
headlights and raccoons
stealing gnawed lamb chops from
the outdoor garbage.
He showed me the end.
I saw the end.
Then he left me to figure
out my way back home.
This is my pre-existing condition.



Abigail Regier has worked  as a reporter and writer for radio for  over a decade.  A graduate of Columbia University, she was born and raised in New York City.

There are many different types of mental health conditions, and two people may be diagnosed with the same condition only to display it in completely different ways. Also, many conditions that we associate with physical illness are also associated with mental health. To learn more and explore the wide field of mental health, please visit

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