Cerebral Palsy


By Carolyn Agee
I rip up the card; brightly colored bits
of cardboard fall from my fingers like red, white, and blue confetti.
“Brave, inspirational” –inspirational for being seen in public in a wheelchair?
For refusing to have my vote suppressed?
I was proud to caucus, to participate in democracy,
but without ADA access, pride turned to regret, rage, resolve.
Titanium frame gripped by three sets of foreign hands.
Up three flights of dilapidated stairs.
Because the party who wants to run my government
thinks my civil rights are a suggestion.
And their opposition is nostalgic for eugenics.




Carolyn Agee is an actress, author and spoken word performer living on the Puget Sound. When she isn’t suffering from existential depression, she enjoys petrichor, unknown forest trails and intimate gatherings of kindred spirits. Her books include “Ever Silence Menacing” (Mount Analogue— Political Pamphlet Series, 2016), “Drowning Ophelia” (Red Bird Chapbooks, 2017) and the forthcoming YA novella “The Ambiguous Tides of Saudade” (Wolfsinger Publications, 2017).



To learn more about Cerebral Palsy, please check out the links here and here

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